Our Services

The principal aim of my Solicitor’s office is to provide legal services for corporate clients. The range of legal services for corporate clients involve among other legal assistance in:

Starting business activity and its changes

  • legal counselling in the choice of legal organisational structure including taxation issues
  • drafting company foundation deeds and articles of association
  • assistance in businesses activity registration in the National Court Register and REGON and NIP systems
  • assistance in legal aspects of changes in legal organisational structure, restructurisation, mergers and takeovers

Corporate matters

  • participation in meetings of company governing bodies
  • drafting documents for meetings of governing bodies in capital companies
  • drafting documents for board members
  • preparing drafts of acts and regulations

Civil and commercial law

  • drafting contracts
  • analysis and legal expert opinions on drafted preliminary contracts
  • participation and legal assistance in negotiations
  • making sure that contractual obligations are duly fulfilled
  • client’s legal representation in civil and commercial courts
  • client’s representation in enforcement proceedings and proceedings to secure claims

Labour law

  • drafting employment contracts
  • drafting internal law acts for companies: work regulations, remuneration regulations, regulations for company social welfare fund
  • drafting all the information required by law for employees
  • drafting accompanying contracts: entrusted property, raising qualifications, non-competition counselling in the area of occupational health and safety
  • client’s representation in court proceedings in labour and social insurance courts

Interdisciplinary legal assistance

  • comprehensive services and counselling in realisation of construction investments including greenfield investments and infrastructure investments
  • legal due diligence analysis
  • comprehensive legal assistance in preparation and implementation of new business ventures

Administrative law

  • tax counselling
  • assistance in finding optimal legal solutions concerning taxation burden
  • Client’s representation in contacts with tax authorities
  • Client’s representation in tax proceedings and appeals in administrative courts
  • legal assistance in the area of construction law, real estate management and spatial development
  • Client’s representation in contacts with public administration authorities
  • Client’s representation in administrative proceedings and appeals in administrative courts